Why Christian Schooling

Twin Oaks Christian School (TOCS) is a wonderful ministry of our church. Some have wondered, however, why Twin Oaks Presbyterian Church continues to support a large and rather resource-intensive ministry. Although parents have the primary responsibility of educating their children, the church believes in coming along side and helping them in this all important discipleship ministry.

In the community around us, we have many options for schooling our children. There are some fine public schools, homeschooling, private schools, and Christian schools like TOCS. All are viable options, and as a church, we support parents in whatever choice they believe is right for their family. When we were rearing our family, Deena and I have had positive and negative experiences in public schools, homeschooling, and Christian schooling.

We do, however, support Christian schooling over public schools for a number of reasons. (1) Public schools cannot teach Scripture, sound doctrine, and proper relationships based in Christ; (2) Public schools cannot train our children to integrate their faith with all areas of life; and (3) Public schools favor secularism and values that in many instances are contrary to our biblical world and life view. In contrast, TOCS instills biblical values into our children and encourages them to follow Christ in all facets of life. This is essential if our children are to thrive as Christ-followers in a fallen world. Not only do TOCS teachers pray with and for the students, they give our children a biblical lens through which to view the world.

When my children were in the public school, I had the task of implanting within them biblical values. But without support from the education system, it was an uphill battle because my children were being influenced by the world about them. This world is attractive and luring and desirous of engulfing our children in the way “they should not go.” I had to read their textbooks, go over their assignments, and talk to them about curriculum that was contrary to biblical teaching. Anyone who has their children in public school knows how hard it is to keep up with the teaching and “brain-washing” that goes on in our national education system. I admire our public school parents who take an interest in the education of their children and become involved with the school system, pouring time and energy to nurture their children in the midst of a culture that wants to rob them of their innocence. Yet, many parents do not have the time, energy, or encouragement to become actively engaged in a system that frowns upon Christian parental involvement.

I remember when my wife and I sat across from the regional director of public schools in Maryland who made it quite clear that “they” knew what was best for our daughter. At the suggestion of my daughter’s second grade teacher, we had asked for her to be placed in another school that would challenge her intellect. She was bored and already reading at high school level. When I heard the words, “we are the experts who know best,” my antenna went up and the words of Scripture echoed in my brain that I was responsible for the education of my children. That revelation led my wife and I to place our daughter and then our sons into Christian education.

Although parents have the primary obligation for raising children, I believe that nurturing children is also a responsibility of the entire covenant community, not just those who have children, but all of us. We affirm this thought whenever we baptize a covenant child. Having a Christian school like TOCS is one of the ways we fulfill our vows at baptism. As a church, we want to come along side parents and help them equip their children to think biblically, not just about theology, but also about literature, history, science, and the entire curriculum. This occurs at our Christian school to which the entire congregation supports through their tithes and offerings.      

If you are a parent and realize that you would like assistance in training your children in a biblical view of all of life, then we encourage you to check out TOCS. Although attending TOCS requires a financial investment, it is an investment well worth the mind and soul of our children. There is, however, financial assistance available to those who have need. So, I encourage you to talk to Cathy Jones, our school administrator, and learn why Christian education may be a good option for your family. May God bless all your decisions as you rear your children in the nurture and admonition of our Lord and Savior (Eph. 6:4)!