The Gift that Keeps on Giving

“Dear Santa,” writes Calvin of Calvin and Hobbes fame.  “Attached is my Christmas list for this year.  Last year I did not receive several items I requested.  For your convenience, I have grouped those items together on page 12.  Please check them carefully, and include them with the rest of my loot this year.”

Hobbes, Calvin’s alter ego in Tiger form, reads the letter with some concern at the unabashed impertinence of his little buddy.  Calvin, however, continues his diatribe, “That’s the problem with this guy.  He’s gotten sloppy without any competition.”

I can just imagine Calvin’s parents rushing around the malls to find one of the 250 or so gifts that Calvin had on his list.  Why would they do this?  Why would they fight the crowds, wait in enormous lines, and even cajole people out a gift they were carrying because the store had run out of the item Calvin wanted?  Their reason would be the same for most human parents.  They don’t want to disappoint their child.

As parents we will do anything to make Santa look good.  We will risk being crushed in overcrowded malls.  We will risk the rising of our blood pressure to run helter-skelter to buy gifts, secure trees, decorate the house, and attend parties.  We will even risk the high anxiety of bedlam just to please our little urchins.

Christmas has become an excuse for over indulgence and self- approbation. Rather than thinking about the reason we celebrate - God's love gift to us - we get caught up in the rush of things. Christmas should be merry, for God has given us something to celebrate - His Son. God humbling himself to become man is truly amazing. Jesus, who was born to die in our place, is our gift of life - eternal life! And he is the gift that keeps on giving!